Led Purge Mask Light Up The Party

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Here we come with Purge LED Masks to put fears into YOU!


As seen on The Purge®️: Election Year movie, The Chainsmokers: Everybody Hates Me music video  Purge LED Mask Purge Led Mask

Are you ready for the party? Get your inner crazy out and dress up in this awesome Purge LED Light Up Halloween Mask. The glowing wires making up the stitched face gives you that killer look that no one will forget. It is THE ultimate party mask once the lights are off. Match it with your costume for halloween, or bring it to a wild night out at the festivals & raves. Purge LED Mask Led mask

Own the spotlight and amaze everyone at the party with our Purge Horror Light-up LED Mask! Lightup mask light up mask light up mask Halloween

This will terrify anyone with its light effect and create a perfect atmosphere for celebrating Halloween for sure.This Purge LED mask is sure to create a mysterious & festive atmosphere at any occasion, just like in the movie.   

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear for a long time, while the LED cold light has no adverse effects to the eyes. Just clip the power pack into your pocket and control the LED mode setting. Purge LED mask light up mask

Want to stand out from the crowd?  Purge LED light up mask

Regardless of where you are you'll be getting tons of attention from others who are curious about your beautiful neon accessory. Trouble flagging down that late night taxi? You'll be noticed with this mask. Purge LED mask light up mask

 This LED Mask is perfect for:

  • Taking elite photos for personal use
  • Stand out from the crowd at raves
  • Use it for Halloween  Lightup mask light up mask
  • Features: light up mask light up mask
  • This mask has 3 different settings Steady, Fast Blinking and slow blinking.
  • All the three modes can be easily changed by a switch.
  • Our advanced LED Lights are woven into the mask allowing the mask to be more durable and longer lasting.
  • The LED lights do not affect eyesight as the lights are on the opposite side of the mask.
  • Get more than 8 hours of use at the brightest capacity setting.
  • Our Adjustable Nylon Strap allows you to easily adjust this mask for small, medium, and large sized heads.
  • Two AA batteries are required for operation (batteries not included).



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